Get rewarded today for a better tomorrow

Hydro One invites our residential customers to participate in a bright, new way to use smart devices. 

In the future, electricity use will grow, increasing demand on our energy system. myEnergy Rewards empowers customers to help optimize Ontario’s electricity grid during times of peak demand by reducing or shifting their electricity usage – with the flexibility to opt out of peak demand events at any time.  

Hydro One’s demand response program helps improve grid reliability and helps keep electricity cost-effective by delaying the need for system capacity upgrades. 

Join our growing community of over 10,000 participants today!

Enrol your smart devices

Using energy wisely helps optimize our energy system. Enrol your eligible smart devices and get rewarded for making a difference.

By participating, you’re helping when demand for energy is at its highest.

Electric vehicle being charged.

Electric Vehicles and Chargers

Rewards up to $110

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Family sitting with a smart thermostat

HVAC Smart Thermostats

$75 Reward

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Electric Vehicles and Chargers

Get rewarded $50 for signing up your electric vehicle or charger – plus, up to an additional $60 annually when you participate in scheduled peak demand events.  

Your charging hours will be slightly shifted when energy demand is at its highest.  You can opt out of peak demand events at any time. Learn more.


Electric vehicle being charged.
Family sitting with a smart thermostat.

HVAC Smart Thermostats

Get rewarded $75 for signing up your smart thermostat*. Don’t have a smart thermostat? Join today to get a $75 discount**. 

Your smart thermostat will be briefly adjusted only by a few degrees when energy demand is at its highest, at most 15 times a year. You can opt out of peak demand events at any time. 


*The $75 incentive is limited to one per household, whether you enrol your own eligible thermostat or buy one from the Hydro One myEnergy Rewards Marketplace. Before purchasing your new smart thermostat, please ensure it is compatible with your home’s HVAC system. 

**Instantly get $75 off a new smart thermostat when you buy one from the Hydro One myEnergy Rewards Marketplace and automatically pre-enrol in the myEnergy Rewards program, after meeting eligibility criteria. If you need help installing your new smart thermostat, you can receive a $50 discount on either an in-person installation or a guided virtual installation appointment.